The value of a song package (licence, score/s and mp3s) depends on the length of the work and the number of copies/performers.
Small choir 8-14*
Average choir 15-29*
Large choir 30+*
Short song (up to 2' 30")
Average song (2' 30" - 5' 00")
Long song (5' 00" +)
To discuss these or any other relevant issues with Bruce, ring (02) 6624 1969 from Australia,
or 612 6624 1969 from offshore.
Name of Song:
Choir Name:
Number of members:
For your APRA approved "License to Copy"
date: xx/xx/'xx
We agree not to on-sell or distribute the original copy sent to us online, and to submit a further licence request if more copies are required in the future, because of such things as new members, or a different choir.

Contact name:
delivery email address:

Phone in Australia
Calculate cost of Song Package(see * above)
choir size* (small, average, large)
+ song length** (short, average, long) =$cost

Cost of Package$ e.g. 18

Click here to view a sample of the license to copy

PAYMATE   We use PayMate for payments. You don't need to register with them, and we don't need each other's bank details.
Submit your order first, then click on the Paymate logo. The link takes you to their secure website, our email address is shown(, so Paymate can forward us the payment. The amount you have calculated above is the total payment amount. It includes transaction fee.

(Quote from Paymate website)
"Paymate will send you one email when you authorise a payment and another when the payment has been approved for credit to the seller. Since we pay directly into the seller’s bank account, you can get your goods shipped faster!

FINALLY: As soon as the payment is cleared, we'll send you separate emails of:-
* PDF of the complete conductor’s score(black & white)
* PDFs of separate parts (where applicable), with license to copy or forward the number required for your choir, and
* mp3 for each separate part , with appropriate voice singing each part,or MIDI accompaniment with click track for ease of learning.
You will be licensed to copy these learning aids for your choir members only, or you can simply forward to each of them.

If the above computer formats are difficult, don't worry. We can mail you CD, booklet and licence for each song. Phone to discuss costs.

Also, you can send a cheque or money order if you don't wish to pay Paymate online.
If you would like one copy for consideration, please phone.


Composers may instruct us to charge less or more, and OZechoir may vary the above at any time, by changing the details on this page.