Tropic Wonderland on YouTube

Tropic Wonderland

Duration: 2'32" (Average *)
STYLE: Jazz vocal
Difficulty: Average - Hard
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• Conductor's score 8 pages,
• separate parts 2 pages each -
three vocal parts, whistling, piano, bass.

Thanks to Tracey Anderson and Wendy Thompson for volunteering to film the recording, to Lina Eve for all the editing, and Sam Bartlett for overseeing the student sound engineers at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium.
Sopranos: Lisa Bartholomew and Judith Boreham
Altos: Terry Lawrence and Jo Andreasen
Tenors: Bruce McNicol and Ren Waterfall

A parody on
The Andrews Sisters “Winter Wonderland” 1946.
Music by Felix Bernard 1932.
New words by Bruce McNicol 2008

A1. Alarm bells ring. Are you listenin’?
Down the lane rain is glistenin’.
With houses afloat we’ll all live in a boat,
Because the coastline is kilometres inland.

A2. Gone away all the species
As the temperature increases.
Though things have gone wrong, we still sing a song,
Sweltering in a tropic wonderland.

B1. Targets will be set soon by the U.N.
They’ll help bring the carbon footprint down.
We were happy on the road to ruin,
But all the CEOs are still around.
(spoken) So
A3. Later on we’ll expire,
As the temperature gets higher.
We’re really afraid for all the plans that we made,
Wilting in a tropic wonderland.

Bridge: All over the world there’s a tissue of lies
A haven where climate change can be denied.

Break: one verse A

B2. Snow and ice and glaciers are melting,
But still the woodchippers are chopping forest down.
We’ll sell more coal to China. Rain is pelting.
We’ll have to sell re-usables to wipe away the frown.

A4. Two degrees, or five or seven,
We need great leadership from Kevin.*
We’ll put the emissions fully in remission,
The planet we’ll save from its early grave,
We’ll wipe the slate clean, we won’t be has-beens
Dying in a tropic wonderland.
Key change
A5. Alarm bells ring. Are you listenin’?
Down the lane rain is glistenin’.
With nothing done yet, why not charter a jet,
Fly south, to somewhere far away inland?
We won’t be drowning or wilting in a dying wonderland.

View and listen to the Andrews Sisters:

* A friend pointed out that putting John Howard in one of her songs has dated it.
If that happens to this, use her suggestion - "we'll get no miracles from heaven"

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