Phewg!!! (for singers)

Duration 1 min 20 secs (Short*)
STYLE: Classical, humourous
Difficulty: slightly difficult(concentration required!)

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Bach's Fugue in G# min(Bk 1) is very singable, with its lovely line and its staccato quavers.
When writing the words I edited the music in two places - a total of 13 bars removed.
If you're using this in a teaching situation, as well as finding the subject, counter subject, and episodes of the music, you can do the same with the text.
The words are written so that the same words appear in different voices at the same time, usually embedded in different sentences (e.g. bar 6, "I could sing I knew . ."). On many other occasions, the same vowels occur in different words (e.g. bar 8 has "now", "throat", and "notes")
In performance, you can present four performance poets reciting their words,- tenor, alto, soprano, bass- then let the singing commence.
This has been performed as a quartet, and as a choir piece. As the latter, it is preferable to start solo and let it build.


(voice 1) I wanted to be a rock-n-roll star, 'til my voice broke in my teens. I would have more fun if I sought to trick the audience. Somebody I sing with in the afternoon is all throat, and then gives lessons!..Some of the words I sing are meaningful and right. . etc

(voice 2) I thought I would have more fun and double as a dancer too. Then any old role I could sing I knew how to. I want it all now and then want more, and now some of the words I sing are meaningful . . etc

(voice 3) When somebody told me Icould sing I knew I had to learn guitar, to learn guitar.. etc

(voice 4) Sometimes I can't hear the notes I need and then I want to scream, no that's not true. . etc

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